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And the sillicon chip inside her brain gets switched to overdrive: 1.11.10

I swear, sometimes I think the only reason I try to write is because it is the ultimate procrastination method--namely for avoiding sleep, but I guess it works for other things too. It definitely works when you're up, and you feel like it's no use to try to lie down and sleep. And it also works when you're up and you are supposed to be asleep because you've got to get up in 7 hours to get to work at a time that is just pushing obnoxiously late. And it works too when you're feeling down but staying up, almost because it's better than going to bed and waking up again. That's pretty down.

I know I'm in funk, a mood, whatever. I know it'll move on out eventually. But right now, I'm just trying to ride it out without doing irreparable damage to the flimsy frame I've built to keep it all straight and orderly for the time being. You know what I mean? I'm not sure how to explain it better than that here, unfortunately. In any case, e.e.--take it away:

Now i lay(with everywhere around)
me(the great dim deep sound
of rain;and of always and of nowhere)and
what a gently welcoming darkestness--

now i lay me down(in a most steep
more than music)feeling that sunlight is
(life and day are)only loaned:whereas
night is given(night and death and the rain

are given;and given is how beautifully snow)

now i lay me down to dream of(nothing
i or any somebody or you
can begin to begin to imagine)

something which nobody may keep.
now i lay me down to dream of Spring

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