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Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'

Last night, T&S graciously hosted P's going away party. It was an utterly pleasant affair...marred only by the fact that I think I was still running a fever, and could neither smell nor hear at full capacity. Ah, the head cold is a many splendored thing. Anyway, at one point in the evening, we all arranged ourselves for the group photo and P said a few words...and then...I felt like the time was perfectly ripe for a toast. But I didn't dive in because, frankly, although I had thought a little about it before the party, I wasn't sure what would pop out of my cold-addled brain and live in infamy. But, sitting here this morning, finally feeling clear-headed and back to semi-normal, I'm kicking myself just a little. What's a good-bye party without some killer toasts to send you on your way? And so, here's to you P:

It's hard to give a proper good-bye toast without sounding a little bit like an eulogy. P, it was great having you around. But actually, it's about much more than you leaving all of us. It's really a Janus moment. Janus was the greek god of change. He also happened to be the god of doorways and archways, which is oddly fitting since P, you happened to be standing right under one as you gave your little speech. But the thing about Janus is he has two faces. One on the front of his head, and one on the back. He was capable of looking both forward and backward--precisely why he's the namesake for the first month of the year. So this is a total Janus moment for you, P, and for all of us as your friends.

I know I will look back with almost incomprehensible fondness at the pool games, the rock n'roll shows, the drives, all the great music you've turned me on to, the coffees and cigarettes, the talks, the bike rides, the sometimes awkward but never failing loyalty and friendship we've had over the last many years. I never listen to The Put-Outs or read Watermelon Sugar without thinking of you.

And I know I'm looking forward too. I'll be visiting your hometown sometime after the snow melts (see you in May!), and can't wait to hang out with you and Jen and Wiley in Pittsburgh...P, your panache, your wit, and your impeccable taste will carry you forward in perfect style through whatever the next exciting turns in your life bring. So, here's to your 17 years in Baltimore and your new adventures in PA...if I ever see you wearing a Steelers shirt I will laugh and laugh and laugh; the Subaru was bad enough...You will be missed!


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