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Letís Get Quizzical: 1.16.09

1. Which recent landing was more bittersweet?
a. The smudgy thrill of descending into L.A. on a clear, clear January day;
b. The jack-knife straight touchdown past Las Vegasí pell-mell skyline;
c. Settling into the black and white photo winter dusk over Manchester, NH;
d. Trying and failing to unsarl the lightboard of familiarity around Baltimore;
e. None of the above

2. So far, reconnecting with old friends in 2009 has involved:
a. Great beery bear hugs and bonding;
b. Cringing;
c. Stealthy glances and catching yourself before you blow it;
d. Unbridled, absolute incredulousity (not a word);
e. All of the above

3. In the past three weeks, I have had the dubious pleasure of participating in ___ first dates which went no further. At all.
a. Zero
b. One
c. Two
d. Three
e. Four

4. Recently, I have discovered that I have developed a number of personal affectations that are dangerously close to those of my favorite movie character. She is the leading lady in:
a. Manhattan
b. Broadcast News
c. Bull Durham
d. Sixteen Candles
e. A little of each

5. This is so weird, but I have been having dreams about:
a. My fourth grade teacher
b. Bob Newhart
c. This guy I never really got to know outside of the same, stale old bar
d. Reykjavik
e. You

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