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The 100th monkey vs. the 18th baboon: 4.20.04

One of the big problems with getting drunk and making the acquaintance of random people you meet at the bar is that, chances are, that person is also drunk. Then all your fabulously witty, cuttingly insightful banter is barely noticed, much less remembered. A bigger problem is when one person is soused and the other is not. In this scenario, all of the fine humor and smarts are still prattled out and the only person who remembers any of it is the sober person, i.e. rarely myself.

This is how I came to find myself running into someone last weekend and feeling the utterly unfair sting of alcohol-induced amnesia. I felt like we were just meeting (and I was enjoying it as much as I think I may have the first time) except all my remarks were met with a, Yeah, you mentioned that the night we met, or just a simple, I know. He would refer to some previous information he had supplied to be met with a ,"Oh, really?" from me. At least the effect was that he seemed incredibly novel and original by comparison, but he was almost offended by it or something. Eventually he stopped with the rather accusatory You dont remember I told you that last time? and just came up with this kind of subtle adjustment in inflection and expression that conveyed an implicit, I told you this before, you souse, so dont act all surprised. Yeesh.

Anyhow, it made me realize my current story/anecdote rotation needs a huge kick in the ass if I become redundant so easily. It also made me realize when Im drunk, Ill talk to anyone--more to hear myself talk then anything else. When Im not drunk, people suddenly become a whole lot more interesting. Having hung out with him in a (relatively) sober state of mind, I could kind of dig him. Of course, this time he was the drunk one and I got to hear him prattle. I almost preferred it to hearing myself talk.

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This is one of those email spam subject lines. Hey: Baboon juice at the ballerina crematory is on me as soon as this insensible trimester has passed. Your deniable armour can't keep me out. I'll take your birdlike fee and tuck it in my neon purse. Then we'll have ourselves a good old goggle revery. Jubilate!

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