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The tomcat stink of the eucalyptus trees (me and my RC): 4.15.04

Finally, the sun shines! No matter, for I have been nestled in spring’s crooked grin—the last week of chilly rain gave me a chance to really appreciate my new Skywave album as it should be. No, I mean my Jesus and Mary Chain album. No, I mean Skywave. No, The Ravonettes. No, BRMC. What? No, really, it's Skywave. Who cares? It all sounds the same! Usually, such derivative antics would frustrate me to no end, yet all I can do in this band’s case is throw up my hands. What a masterful knock-off of Scotland’s own. Well done, kids.

What else? Got the Parker Posey thing again, but this time some qualifying information was provided to silence my loud protestations: “It’s an angle thing. You’d have to be able to see yourself.” Natch.

Can’t stop reading the Raymond Chandler. Can’t. Stop. I think that I will read him in a bar tonight because it seems like he's asking for me to do that. All the drinking of gimlets, and smoking of cigarettes, and sitting in bars. I only wish I could read him in a bar in Hollywood (well, West...) tonight becuase he's really asking for that.

Real post tomorrow.

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