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Trump This 2.20.04

So a follow-up to yesterday because I know the 4 people that read this are dying over WHAT exactly happened with my night. I will tell you: The Donald inspired me. I was trickling around the apartment, from computer, to kitchen, to porch, just getting in the right mindset to pen my masterpiece and for no reason at all, I flipped on the idiot box. And I watched that show about people who quit their real jobs to go on a TV show and volunteer for Donald Trump and then get fired. Before they actually get hired! How's that for a kick in the head? Not so smart, kids! Do you really think they're holding that copier salesman position for you back home? They all probably went to business school at some big state university that directs most of its funding to the strippers and whores used to entice the football team there.

Boy, is Donald Trump fucking odd. He is a piece of work. That weird squinty look that says, “Oh, I am concentrating extremely hard because I’m so rich and it occupies all of my available thought space, which I like to rent out to only the very rich” or else it says “I am always around only the richest people in the world, and I feel the need to remind you of this every couple of minutes.” Duh. We don’t think you run with the middle-class for crying out loud, just gold-digging blondes. No, REEALLY? Your Hamptons mansion is near other rich people’s mansions? Strange. I thought maybe it’d be tucked in behind the Montauk Walmart. Those kids on the show are kind of a buzz-kill too. When is the camera going to bust in the apartment I find them all in one big sweaty bitchy-go-getter-MBA tangle of groins and limbs anyhow? They are all so tense.

Seriously though, the show really cheered me up. Here I was all bummed out over our "jobless recovery" and thinking the Pres. was full of shit about the rosy employment picture. Turns out he was right after all! There was the evidence right in front of me: clearly there is one employment opportunity right in the Big Apple! How bad can things really be? Yay! In your face Kerry! Anyway, I watched the dumb show and got so disgusted with it that I turned the TV off and wrote a short story! Hahahahaha! Donald Trump has awful hair. If he is so rich, why doesn’t he buy himself some new hair?

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