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Ready, Steady, Emo!

I thought seeing two people who had recently engaged in a less-than-amicable divorce playing music together would somehow be more, I donít know, electric. Intense. It worked for Sonny and Cher. Quasi was so-so is what Iím saying. But I think also that I am a tad wearied by the emo aesthetic of late.

Would the Compulsive Gamblers report to me immediately? Thanks.


What I am in need of is some sort of emotional zamboni. Iíve been through Couples Skate, and the treacherous Backwards-Only Skate. Now itís time for the ice to be cleared, the lights to dim, and the machine to emerge on the rink, circling slowly. It executes its task flawlessly. Every scrape and gash inflicted by the shiny blades pushing for speed is efficiently smoothed and coated anew. It exits and for just a moment the cold and water rest untouched in the semi-darkness. Talk and laughter filter over from the snack bar, but the ice takes the chance to revel privately in its regeneration. Then the lights come up and the music blares again. Free Skate!

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