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You may think I am not of an age to appreciate regularity. Well, you are wrong. The bran years will be easy. I could not live without being regular. Being a regular. Coffee shop, bar, flower stall, salad-for-lunch place, sushi anytime place, chess players to nod at in the park, 7-11 even. I need to feel all tucked-in and cozy while I am conducting any form of business and navigating my little course. I love the gradual seep of familiarity into interactions at my regular places. Contrary to popular belief, being a regular is actually a surefire safeguard against the tedium of small-talk during minor transactions and other classic venues for this menace. I love being friendly but not friends. It is a comfortable level of commitment. I love the people I have met because they too are regulars. I love that sometimes they become my friends.

Drawbacks to regularity include adherence to conscientious and considerate tipping. The good thing is, when you are a regular, you get to narrate the waxing and wanings of your income cycle and people are understanding, even willing to commiserate. You get them when you can, and make do when you canít. They understand. Youíre a regular. Benefits of regularity include sitting around and drinking more than a handful of beers and sipping some Makerís and being handed a bill at the end of the night that makes you grin and shake your head. The 50% tip is not a stretch in such situations.

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