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I want a snowfall kind of love that brings people to their window: 1.3.11

As anybody who's watched Jimmy Stewart stumble out of Martini's toward the river knows, the holiday slump can be brutal for some of us. Which is why a little back-page article in this morning's New York Times was not particularly surprising. But the story was just about as unbelievable as George Bailey's depersonalized tour of Bedford Falls. The headline read: Trash Saves Man During Suicide Attempt. It seems New York's inability to keep the garbage trucks running on time after last week's blizzard was this hapless holiday jumper's godsend. His plunge from a 9th floor window yesterday ended in a soft landing on the city's mismanagement. But what lesson can you draw from this bizarre tale, Gemini? Much like Capra's enduring flick, it's a classic and always in black and white. This week, take this as a reminder that, just like they say, timing is everything. The universe may conspire in bizarre ways to save you when you can't save yourself, but you certainly shouldn't depend on it. The last line of the article? "Sanitation officials announced limited garbage pickup would resume Monday."

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