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All day and all night, the house trembled, the winds roared and screamed, the snow scoured against the walls and over the roof where the frosty nails came through. In the other houses there were people, there must be lights, but they were too far away to seem real: 2.10.10

I think there are about 35 inches of snow outside right now, and we are still a few hours shy of the end. Snowstoric! Myself, I've been having a very quiet day here with the dear, deaf puss and lots of cups of tea.

Yesterday, I kept meaning to actually work on this project that I've got coming due at work...and really, this amount of utterly free time should feel like the ultimate gift...but somehow, I never got around to it. And I was happy instead to have the coffee shop open for business as usual, some friends to shout at across the Scrabble board and grab a few beers with afterward. My walk home alone, through the quiet streets, just dusted earlier by another 2 inches or so, was just another little gift.

Today has been spent in total solitude. And I still haven't gotten a damn thing done on this project.

I'm going to tomorrow. Swear it.

For now though, I'm looking forward to the snow stopping and taking yet another walk around this neighborhood, pretty under the best of circumstances. In the snow, snow like this, it's ethereally urban, eerily softened and comfortingly secured, like some old walled city within a city--cut off from traffic, and neatly contained beyond any storm sequestering distances. We're all tucked in over here, and doing fine.

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