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And other pleasant summer afternoons I've had 6.12.07

Remember the feeling of wearing a bathing suit all day long? Throwing your clothes back on over your bikini and appreciating the slight damp when you sit down for the first few minutes in the car on the hot vinyl seat and then later, the ease of it all after you're back from getting milkshakes when you just shimmy out of your shorts and toss your t-shirt back into your oversized beach bag with your vial of deodorant and Sun Kiss for your streaked highlights and squeeze bottle of tanning butter rolling stickily overtop your subscription issue of Seventeen, an easy shift back to the rest of the afternoon at the pool where you lay dozing off to the splashes and kiddie screams using the predictable whistle blows for rest period and adult swim as cues to turn over and pass baby oil down the line, or languidly hand off lip gloss, change for the snack bar. You leave it on still when you go home, breezing in from a windblown ride cued up to the tapedeck and timed with the late summer earlier sundown to stand in barefeet on the cool kitchen linoleum picking at dinner leftovers. You pull a popsicle from the freezer and flop noisly on the sofa to watch your brother's tv pick until you assert your own at nine, even if it is public t.v. just for spite and your shoulder blade barely stings and itches where the strap from your suit touches your skin, reminding you that you burned just a little earlier that afternoon.

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