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1.16.06: Oh well.

So, itís a chilly, overcast day. Usually, this would please me to no end. I love a good drizzly, grey day in the dead of winter. Who doesnít?? But itís not doing the trick today. I just officially cancelled my interview with the Oregon Department of Education; S. is away two days now, and it feels like 20; and, have I mentioned this before? My job blows.

I havenít updated this in an age. All you have to know is, yes, I went to Oregon last month in some sort of fact-finding mission, a first date kind of initial sizing-up, letís see what the city may hold type trip. You get the idea. Well, Portland is ok. In Portland, beer is a religion and weather is politics. Not to say that weather is run by a bunch of pompous old white guys out in the PacNW. No, just to say that the way DC is a politics town, Portland is a weather town. Itís something to talk about.

Maybe it was the soggy, smoky layer of ďBLAHĒ that seemed to hang over a lot of the place; maybe it was a horrific misunderstanding and tense worrying and a $250 speeding ticket; maybe it was my getting utterly lost in the big picture overwhelmedness of ďCould we live here;Ē maybe it was feeling like I had to talk myself into it. Whatever it was, something didnít click. Portland was a bust. Or more fittingly, it was a wash.

Oh well. Now, I guess I just sit back and take it as it comes.

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