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Visual Medium? Oh, why dont you just say film: 1.19.06

To tell you the truth, I just dont miss it all that much. Im talking about barsthe drinking, the smoking, the topical chitty-chatting. I mean, since getting all domesticated over the last year, Id really rather lounge, coated in cat hair, on the futon eating homemade burritos with S. in my p.js and hop into bed by midnight. (No, of COURSE thats not how we spend our time.) But with him away, and my friends in bars, there hasnt been much choice.

I do, however, enjoy some of the annoying randomness. Like, last night, R. was being friendly to some girl sitting next to us at the bar. She drops the fact that shes studying literature. Whats your era? I ask her. Well, she says, I have a minor in visual medium and what Im really into are the horror films of the late 80s and early 90s" Wha? Horror films of the late 80s and early 90s? What is that? Scream? I Know What You Did Last Summer? The BLAIR WITCH PROJECT? Is this really suitable academic fodder? Moreover, is this actually a genre? I mean I always just grouped those films loosely under the heading Crap.

But sure. Kids. What will they think of next? I think good horror dried up in 1984, after Nightmare on Elm Street came out. My mother probably thought I was just as barmy when I declared The Last House on the Left [late 70s slasher-horror flick extraordinaire] to be the epitome of good horror. But, cmon. Thats a really good movie. Particularly when you factor in kitsch value. And don't get me started on Argento's Susperia , or how psyched I am on the soon-to-be-released remake of When a Stranger Calls . Although I'm sure it will disappoint.

So clearly I love being frightened half to death. I am aware it is very poor form to compare your boyfriend to your brother, but I have to say that S. does the quick and dirty scare tactics equal to none, except my brother circa. 1984 as he tortured me by scraping a treebranch across my window a' la Freddy.

Getting back to my point though, you know what's really scary? The thought of bars ad infanitum in my mid-30's. Bars are the playgrounds of youth, and I am getting far too cynical to hack the scene much longer. Thank goodness.

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