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Linkhappy to Linklater 9.14.04

Well. Sometimes the lovely synchronicity of it all just wonít be ignored. Many thanks to this entirely random individual whose blog I happened upon. She wrote about a track by hip-hop outfit Eyedea and Abilities and nicely linked to their site. Nicely enough, she also noted that the Exhausted Love track was featured in Richard Linklaterís 1991 film Slacker, and links to a short review of the film.

This happens to be one of my favorite films ever and, sadly, I lost my copy of it to my last paramour. Although itís one of those incredible creative outputs that I donít consider a loss if itís passed on to a good home. Something like that, like a Murakami novel, is always a gift. ANYway, so I love Slacker, and I am reading the little review and it lists Linklaterís influences in making the film, among them a Wim Wenders flick, Kings of the Road. Which I was just trying to remember the name of yesterday. Plus, this little piece references Nicholas Bakerís The Mezannineósort of an overdone footnotey novelty novelówhich I still have a soft spot for because it represents this very kind of thinking, where you constantly have an aside, a reference, an observation on an observation. Like with James Burkeís Connections. Remember that? (Don't lie. You've pulled a few hits and settled in with a fair amount of glee to watch his insane pogostick tours of history.)

So. Do you ever have days where all your thoughts daisy-chain with each other so nicely you feel giddy? Like you just want to pile all your randomly accumulated bits of knowledge together like a big leaf pile and dive into it? Kind of invigorating.

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