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In no particular order: 6.07.04

Conversation overhead after seeing R. at his reading: “What time is it again?” No response. “When are you going to Turkey?”

A split lip. What the fuck is wrong with people? When asked, “How are you?” my old work colleague used to always say, “I’m making it in the city,” but with a great, old, bluesy/high funk intonation. When R. was hunched over and spitting blood, I thought about how at certain times that’s harder than at others. Enrf. It’s hard to see pain.

Beers, pool, excellent conversation, a late night BLT, all with a mom who isn’t mine. So comfy.

Sitting with K. and realizing how a habit becomes your history and nobody had to make an effort.

More phone calls then I remember getting ever. Explaining King Crimson to A. Les cadeux, les cadeux. A little pat on my back and I thought that it’s all too true. Insidious pandas. Oh, you mean the good thing that happened!

The big mood. (RW) Yes, I’m in the big mood.

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