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Should I look into Oprah’s Book Club? 5.20.04

Ooooh. I have been a naughty girl. And now I feel ashamed. Hmm. Even though I barely have enough of a moral conscience at the end of the day to stop me from throwing on a baby sealskin coat and running out to dine on Chilean Sea Bass, I must be doing something right. But I have no time for pride now! For the acts I have committed are much worse than mere crimes of fashionable hypocrisy: I have befriended a conservative. Worse, I have been reading his blog. Still more hopeless, I have utilized the links provided on this blog to access still more conservative bloggerel. But here is the real problem and PLEASE keep this on the downlow: some of what I read, I don’t mind, that is it doesn’t send me out into the street screaming with my hair on fire.

Shocking, yes, I know. My liberal cred is shedding faster than my cat’s 6 pounds of winter fur and littering the floor around here like discarded cicada shells. Welcome to the summer of my discontent. Yes, that must be it! Summer reads are always supposed to be a little easy on the olde intellect right? Almost sub-par, yes? Maybe this is like my beach book, although I am starting to think “Peyton Place” might provide more of the brainfreeze I’m looking for. How did I get here? Oh, I am lost. Granted, I get into the cerebral historiography of most of this writing more than the criticism it hides, but still…I hope my mother doesn’t read this.

And hell no, I am not posting one more conservative-ish link on this page.

Help me.

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