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"Dinosaurs are obsolete...": 12.2.12

Pop psychology has long provided us with classic examples of how we subconciously let body language do the talking, e.g. that shifty-eyed person is lying. But in recent years, advances in neuroscience have moved us far beyond these banalities. Nonverbal cues apparently abound. Our brains actually come equipped with neurons designed especially to pick up on actions performed by other people and interpret them based on complex, contextual understandings. These neurons develop from the minute* we're born so that we're able to interact with people around us in a way that makes sense (most of the time). This is, at a very basic level, why we don't respond with a karate chop every time someone reaches out to shake our hand. And of course, there's the slew of primal cues already embedded in your lizard brain. Fellas, did you know women who expose their necks as they tilt their heads are inviting your advances? Ladies, did you know that men who display their thumbs prominently are showing off their dominance and virulance? Did you know that your first kiss with someone may knock your socks off because you're calculating your fantastic genetic compatibality based on DNA secretions you're sharing through saliva? Of course you did, even if you didn't know you knew. In other words, without words, we're all speaking volumes. This week, Gemini, check your typical enthusiasm for verbalizing absolutely EVERYthing and see what happens. You might find that you learn more from silently sizing up the signals and sending some of your own.

*Seriously. Researchers have clocked babies as young as 42 MINUTES-old as already having the ability to mimic facial cues and simple motions.

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