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Thank you for making me see there's a life in me: 11.14.11

This just in, overheard up on Fed Hill. A couple is walking in front of me, yakkity-yakking. All of a sudden, the girl pulls away all pouty and says, “You better quit it!” The guy stops and entreatingly says, “Aw, c’mon, I was just kidding!” The girl says, “You were? About which part?” The guy pauses. “About the part that is making you mad?” Ah, relationships.

Temps today topped out at 70 degrees. I think I have spring fever. At dusk, I was hit by these strong pangs of wanting to be out sitting in Dupont Circle with an iced coffee watching skateboarders…a perfect spring evening activity.

I’ve been on overdrive lately, which is a good thing. So the spring fever is just topping that off nicely. But wouldn’t it be nice to have some young lad to frisk about with in this kind of mood? Of course, we wouldn’t be going in for any of that emotional jousting noted above. Nah, if I had a dude, it’d be all lollipops and rainbows and spooning and shit. Yep.

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