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People always told me that bars are dark and lonely, and talk is often cheap and filled with air: 9.9.10

Harry "Handcuffs" Houdini, master magician and stuntman, was (ironically) all about keeping it real. You may not have believed your eyes to see him free himself from underwater imprisonment or emerge from being buried alive, but Houdini certainly wanted you to. The Spiritualist movement of the time tried to cast his feats as evidence of supernatural powers. But the founder of the Society of American Magicians was so adamant that his tricks involved nothing more than pure skill, he died proving it. As fantastical and over the top as Houdini seemed, he wasn't at all--claiming Appleton, Wisconsin as his birthplace over exotic Hungarian origins and marrying his first love from the vaudeville circuit, Bess. He was, literally, a completely down to earth guy. Despite a yearly seance held on Halloween to summon his spirit, hosted by magicians no less, the greatest escape artist of all time has never reappeared from his 1926 burial. This week, Gemini, try to believe your own eyes. Sometimes there are no smoke and mirrors. Sometimes things really are as they appear. You may marvel, but do not fabricate alternate explanations for the reality that confronts you.

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