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I must not think bad thoughts; the facts we hate: 8.30.10

I don't come from highly affectionate stock. No, I mean, my family loves each other, and we air-kiss on cheeks when coming and going and all that. But there's rarely been any heartfelt Hallmark sentiments uttered between us. Even in the face of the big stuff--death, birth, injury, illness--that traditionally evoke such things. Or so you think. Who knows what it's really like for all the other unlike and unhappy families? For a while there, my sister appeared to be the little agent provacteur among us, setting off a simpatico twinkle in my dad's eye or demanding emotional accessibility from my mother. It never really took.

But sometimes though, my mom and pops will come out with some bizarrely accurate observation about me, or some painfully insightful comment about my behavior that jolts me into remembering, yeah, they do love me. And they actually do know me fairly well. And, it would appear, they've been talking about me. As much air time as the leetle sister and I burn up talking about them, it's funny: We don't think of them doing it about us.

Their last observation has strangely recontextualized a lot, just this past weekend. Even small, little hesitations and sideline thoughts. Yes, I thought Chuck Schumer, but I didn't say it. What? And right, I could have just said, 'hey' when I walked by. Never mind. How dull, you are thinking, because I have no idea what she's talking about. And you are right. Yes, I need to get back to this in proper depth at some point.

Other than that, it's been a while, and I'm tempted to merely offer up another little horoscopic placeholder here yet again. Those are fun. But instead, I'm throwing up a different kind of bookmark. A reminder to myself to thumb back through this summer at some point and note the following for further study:
*The Elliott Bay sunrise feeling--this almost sounds like a poorly named funk band, but it isn't. It should become it's own newly-patented emotion.
*Blackberry Lavender ice cream. And also? Blueberry Basil ice cream. How great is the modern age?
*Middlemarch (again).
*E's goodtime B'more visit and the laid-back pursuit of lounging.
*Re: Lounging. Also see falling asleep in the grass late on a summer afternoon.

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