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Tell the repo man and the stars above; you're the one I love: 4.15.10

Even when they're followed by a mega-awesome refund, taxes are still a drag. They fall into the same category as death; they are confusing to the terrifying Teabaggers who are getting louder and more annoying; and I don't even like the Beatles song they inspired. This April 15th, Gemini, take the opportunity to think about taxes in a more cosmic sense. Are you kicking in your fair share to the universe, and are you getting your big payback? Are your cosmic taxes going to support needed services that benefit the public good or are they squandered by padding the pockets of corruption and greed? Are your deductions adding up? They say you only get what you give. Can you apply this handy axiom to how you navigate your world and relate to the people in it? Take this tax day as a wake up call to balancing your karmic books. And remember, it's never to early to start planning for next year's return.

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