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Every time I think of you, I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue: 3.12.10

Anthropomorphism is a tricky business. Every time Shamu takes another victim should remind us that when we try to assign human personality traits to animals, we are trespassing in the wild kingdom. This week, Gemini, rather than attributing fake emotive qualities to animals, you'd do better to just admire the real qualities that these creatures actually do possess. Your first subject should be the octupus. Try and look past its legendary predatory talents (not where you should focus your efforts right now), and the unfortunate fact that both male and female octupi typically die after getting it on. Instead, recognize that the octupus is the most intelligent invertebrate alive. It knows what it wants and goes after it with deliberate strategy. Octupi have been observed tripping traps to get their lobster dinner and opening jars to snag a tasty treat. The octupus has no bones and is capable of contorting itself into any possible space where it would like to fit. They also change colors to show fear, anger, and curiosity, never shy to express themselves. And finally, note that the octupus has three hearts. Three! Try to apply this ultimate asset to yourself and not be so protective of just the one that you have.

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