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Vive le blog!:10.25.06

Oh, what a difference a month (a month??) makes...Has it really been that long since we last touched base? Boy, so much has changed. No, that's patently untrue. But there have been the following developments:

1) John Chew. What to say here? My masticating work neighbor persists in his loud slurpy chewing. But now I can't complain about it all the time--because when I had a cold last week, old J.C. came over to my cube with some hot mint tea with honey. This was purely unsolicited generosity. He heard me sniffling and whipped up some hot tea with HONEY for me. Damn. He really is a nice chap.

2) So I finally saw Amelie. I know. I don't know how I manage to stay so far behind the times; it's a talent. But I soaked up all the winsome French whimsy of the film and thought it was ok. Except that part where Mme. Tautou is baking away her angst and feeling lonely in her super cute little flat while fantasizing about her man. It was wrenching to see her pining and pretending Mr. PhotoAlbum was there when it was only really the kitty and all that...but just as I was really tearing up over the poetic oomph of LONLINESS...Mr. PhotoAlbum knocks on the door. Just like that! I was mad. I'm not going to feel bad for Audrey Tautou who has possibly the cutest hair ever and expressive doe eyes and the ability to pine sadly for only a mere few minutes!! Please. Amelie got no more of my sympathy after that. Girl was doing just fine.

3) I have an idea of how this little niche could be made so much better--less of these ramblings, more photos, better design. In my, cough, spare time at work, I'm attempting to better my webdesign. Hopefully, change is coming.

4) Someone shared this quote with me recently and despite being just shy of shmaltzy, it remains a pithy little creedo that could be useful right about now. I have been discovering some bizarre store of energy I must have been saving for a rainy day--all of a sudden I have motivation to do some of what I think I should do more of. Oh, here's the quote:

"When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else."
-Joseph Campbell

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