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le if: 7.13.06

Right, yes, I know, thanks. I don't ever update this thing, and then it becomes that question of 'then why do it all?' And then I think, 'hell, inconsistent is better than not at all.' I am all about the inconsistent these days, you better believe.

Anyway, yesterday I was walking to the gym thinking that the fact that I was walking to the gym could really shave about 5 minutes off the already paltry workout I had planned, and I saw this guy walk by and his shirt read, "Blah, some random slogan: Takes the 'if' out of life." That about stopped me dead in my tracks. Take the 'if' out of life??????????????????? Jeez, that's about all there is to it these days. In fact 'life' pretty much boils down to the 'if.' It is 'le if.'

In other news, I have to record this somewhere or I will forget about it and I don't want that to happen: In Durango, CO I drank lavender lemonade. Pause. Lick lips. Yes. Lemonade made with a lovely, girly, summery, decadent hint of lavender. And I drank it at an outside table at dusk with a mountain on the horizon and an old friend across from me, laughing and talking with complete abandon. Lavender lemonade.

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