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Another Day, Another Holla 5.9.06

Well, here I am. Job number 14 or so. No really, if you count all the way back from my illustrious very-nearly illegal stint folding t-shirts at Le Gap at age 15. PROfessionally speaking, the number is far lower. But still.

All things considered, working here at UnSatisfying but Generally Ok Vocation (USGOV) is just that, generally ok and still unsatisfying. It would be better if I had some hope of friends at work...but that hope is quickly dying. Much like my bright-eye-bushy-tail thrill of a shiny new job. I really thought my social capital would perk up with a new gig in the youthful epicenter of USGOV...but no. The three girls (women? what are we??) under 40 here are kind of bleh, and one of them is leaving in a month.

Big deal. It's a paycheck, right?

Anyway, today was a good day because, utterly unrelated to work, my dear old friend from gradskool got in touch with me and we will be speaking on the phone this evening, and I think he's probably had 2 kids since we last spoke, and did I mention he lives in INDIA? I love international phone calls!

Do you what this means, people? I've outsourced my friendships.

Haha-I kill myself. I'll be here all week.

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