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Me too: 1.27.06

During a yawner of a meeting here at work today, I looked out the window and in the suburban office park woods, I saw 2 beautiful, stark red Cardinals. These birds were RED. And boy, were they pretty, hopping in and out of their own shadows on bare brown branches. And in the way that pretty things make you happy, I got really happy while I was watching them.

I'm a sucker for romance, as you may know. In fact, I've recently coined the term "romantic perfectionist" to refer to my condition. And that's why the red roses sitting in front of me also make me happy. They are RED. And they are extremely fragant, why I can't say.

I thought I'd spend a lot of time over the last two weeks writing. This was derailed by the ego slaughter of the contests loss. S'ok. On a good note, in the last two weeks Portland has worked its way out of my system like a piece of bad fish. I need a new vision, is all. One will come.

So, in the last two weeks, I've read two novels, caught up with all the old pals I've had a mind to, picked up the kick-ass class at le gym, reorganized my closet, and given the puss a love-fest she won't soon forget. It's about time S. got home.

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