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Tonight's Top 10: 11.28.05

It's a good thing my holiday belly has just started coming in...and it's possibly still just cute and a little bit of a tummydrum (that's a childhood term among us siblings for protruding tubby stomachs). But, it's a good thing I've got the belly, because I need to break out a hearty bellylaugh. A gutbuster, seriously. Because, kids, I was promoted at my job. The joke has got to be on someone around here! Just not me!

But don't worry! That won't make me any sunnier at work! At all! I'm still going to detest this place and all who creep therein!

But it did remind me that I have a lot to be happy about. Or, I guess it's more appropriate during this time of the year to say I have a lot to be "grateful for." And, yes, I guess I am grateful. But as I peruse the blogosphere and skim over everyone's little lists of what they're grateful for this Thanksgiving and all, more and more the lists are just like Top 10 Happy lists. So grateful, happy, whatever, tune in soon for my Holiday Happy list.

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