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Kid Gloves: 10.17.05

It’s been a tough week or so. Some strange internal shift that was building for some time was triggered by a trip to my parents’ house—a misguided trip, to be sure. It seems that when you are forced to see your parents in the harsh light of who they really are and accept them, somehow you revert to the stage where you last accepted them at such face value, namely childhood. I mean that I came to some hard truths about my parents and in so doing, started acting like a whiny, tantruming 6 year-old. Oh. I should have been sent to my room before I got too out of hand.

But you know? Just like you should always remember if you are in some kind of hard time—you are not alone. There’s always someone grappling with a similar problem. To wit: These words from the lovely, calming greyescape: “i am learning so much about my immediate family, about how i am still trying to fix my parents relationship on some level, even though i Know in my Head there is not a thing i can do. i cannot make my father unselfish and i cannot make my mother stick up for herself. i am trying so hard to accept them where they are; why is that so hard? why can i do that for other people but not for my parents? i know the answers in theory but i do not know them in practice.”

Sing it, sister.

Anyway. I think I’ll start returning here to reflect on things a bit more.

In other news, here is some more of me to read.

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