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Iíll buy you tall, tall trees and all the waters in the seas: 9.9.05

A nice way to reminisce about your awesome beach vacay is to do the laundry after you get home. You will be struck by the lovely, poetic absence of SOCKS. Ah, the beach. Thatís some easy living.

Anyway, I saw dolphins jumping through Viriginia whitecaps and found some really neato shells and then thought I lost them and then got them back from S! There was Wormóthe biggest snake in NC lying in a sloppy coil in her pet store case, and funny family dynamics along with the Finnish wonder twins. There was Dairy Queen and dusk on the waves and lazy surfers. We discovered Ocracoke Island and the hushpuppied glory of Jolly Rogerís there and snapped some good pics. I got sick but then got better in time to try some backassward kayaking and polite shrimp (ew) and goofing in the the pool.

Today I will see if the photos from my manual, quaint-but-oh-so-not-a-coolio-digital camera survived. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, the lesson for this week is very Bubba Gump or something: Slow Down. Take Your Time. And that oldie but goodie: Think before you open your big olí piehole and act like a ninny.

Tonight: Alan Jackson. Thatís right. The girlís gone country.

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