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Sting, stang, stung: 7.27.05

The updating of this blog is now taking on beautiful, slightly mystical, if I don’t say so myself, proportions. It is a rare, bated-breath event by now. Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, do not doubt the update will come. It is just a question of when.

Anyway, today I drove the ENTIRE way to work today with a huge motherlovin’ WASP in my car. No, no—I wasn’t giving a ride to Charlotte York (pre-conversion, natch)….I mean the serious bad-ass of the insect kingdom, specifically of the stinging family. Good griefus it was scary in a suspenseful kind of way. You see, upon noticing my little passenger, I immediately pulled over and began swatting wildly at the thing and the general air space around my head. While many of my fellow commuters no doubt assumed I was merely rocking out to the newest Christina Aguilera tune or whatev, I was actually engaged in a life-death type of struggle with the said WASP, who did not want to budge.

After a few minutes of this, I decided to agree with him because the only thing worse than having a wasp in your car is having an ANGRY wasp in your car. This wasp appeared to be as jazzed about finding himself in my car on the way to Rockville this morning as I was, and in much the same way, also exhibited a complete apathy of spirit that I could somehow relate to. He wanted to hitch, so I complied and gave him a ride uptown.

It was a long and uneasy ride, and I swear that wasp was backseat driving at me as he occaisonaly emitted a frustrated wing-buzz from his perch on the passenger seat sun visor. Yet upon arrival here in the quaint colony of office parks, he did not want to exit the vehicle either. I left him there with the windows amply cracked for easy access.

I really, really hope he’s gone by the time I have to drive home today.

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