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Gone Are The Dark Clouds That Had Me Blind: 6.27.05

So you can add matchmaker to my already stunning list of qualifications and talents. I have matched, I have made…young love is in the air. Ew, it is mixing nicely with the stench of rotting garbage that serves as Eau d’DC between June and September. But seriously, when Friend A is absolutely charming, well-intentioned, with a wry wit and Friend B is a mankiller, with conversational finesse and quickness---well, you are not taking too much of a chance. God speed, kids! I hope you emerge, unscarred and better off for it, on the other side of the tunnel of luv. Remember, if you never loved, you never would have cried.

And what’s that other song that offers more deep thoughts on romance? Oh yeah, take a chance on love. And the theme for the last 48 hours? No, it’s not “Roxanne”…more like “I Can See Clearly Now”…I’ve made a promise, really not just to S., but more importantly to 3 very contentious parties known as Me, Myself and I. Just taking a look at my own recent reconnections with some old acquaintances and such, the past is not a bad thing to be on good terms with. It helps out the present, maybe even the future. Lately, ye olde gmail inbox has been testament to the fact that the friends who are worth keeping are those who maintain with you….and how can I fault someone else for that?? Hard as it is, teeth grinding paranoia needs to be given a pat on the head and sent off to bed. It’s slightly hard to let go, in all honesty. But call me Tracey Gould (or Carol Ann Seaver), because these growing pains are the real thing.

And note to self: Your theme song is not T.P’s classic “Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometime”…although it is a damn fine song. Own it a little better, girl, on all fronts. Start now.

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