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Hug it out, bitches! 6.21.05

So, anyway. I think I’ve got a case of Post Birthday Blues…which is not at all preferable to, say, a case of PBR…but it stands to reason that PBB is actually a good thing since now I’ve got some mighty nice b-day memories to mull over. But, still. I’ve nursed myself back from the worst hangover ever, I’ve sucked all the icing off the cake ornaments, I’ve let go of the magic for yet another year…and it really is all over. Sigh.

One way not to try to cheer oneself up is to take in an installment of Six Feet Under. Clearly, this happy chronicle of life at dysfunction junction is no longer the little pick-me-up it has been in seasons past. Jeepers, that show is getting seriously depressing. Naturally, following the life and times of the funerally inclined set was never meant to be a laughfest, but I’m starting to wish they’d all just off themselves…

To my dismay, this spectacle is shortly followed by Entourage. Well, there’s some sort of Lisa Kudrow show in between but I’m so ADD I can’t even watch it long enough to figure out why I shouldn’t bother. Entourage really nags at my high standards of TV viewing. You’re familiar with my thoughts on the bastard step-sister once-removed of Entourage, Sex and The City …why these two shows are even compared is lost on me. The girly version is sugar and spice and everything slightly more substantial. At least the ladies chit-chat between their one-night-stands! Entourage is barely more than a few one-liners strung around some gratuitous tits and ass. Which kind of makes the show itself like a thong…or a bra--except that it doesn’t hold up very well.

Oh well. As of the longest day today, the solstice is officially in the house and TV’s should get turned off! Here’s to beers on the porch and the fine art of summer living!

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