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I’m All HEART, my brothers! 6.16.05

Returning to you all after such a protracted absence is a little daunting. However, the pressure is off, folks. I know I should rev this space back up with some deep insights or hilarious observations, but then I’d never stage my comeback. So here it is: a short list of things that have registered at a very low frequency on the old brain waves in the past few weeks—no crushing surf here, mind you. Just the lap, lap, lap of little waves licking at the shore.

1) It seems like this song has been popular since around this time last year…but who’s counting? All I know is that in my neighborhood--Latino and zesty as it is--I hear this tune popping out of cars and windows TODO EL TIEMPO, amigos. I have heard that it’s a massive dis to us north of the border and that it’s a political comment on oil consumption. But I’m willing to go with the sexier interpretation, which has been making me giggle and blush every time I pull up to the pump…But check it out, I finally found a complete English translation!

Whos this? Da - ddy Yan- kee ! = Who’s this? Daddy Yankee!

Lo que me gusta es que tu te dejas llevar (duro!!) = What I like is that you like to be taken away (hard!)

todo los weekenes ella sale a vacilar (duro!!) = Every weekend she
goes out to have fun (hard!)

mi gata no para de janguiar porque = My babe doesn’t stop from
hanging out because

A ella le gusta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!) = She likes
gasoline (give me more gasoline!)

Como le encanta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina) = How she adores
gasoline! (give me more gasoline)

Ella prende las turbinas, = She turns on the turbines

No discrimina, = She makes no distinctions

No se pierde ni un party de marquesina, = She misses no fancy party

Se acicala hazta pa’ la esquina, = She dresses up even to walk to
the next street

Luce tan bien que hasta la sombra le combina, = She looks so good
that even her shadow fits her

Asesina, me domina, = She’s a killer, she governs me

janguea en carro, motoras y limosina, = Hangs out in cars,
motorbikes and limousines

Llena su tanque de adrenalina, = Fills up her tank with adrenaline

Cuando escucha el reggaeton en la bocina. = When she listens the
reggaeton in the speaker

A ella le gusta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!) = She likes
gasoline (give me more gasoline!)

Como le encanta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!) = How she adores gasoline .

That’s hott, kids. I looked for a freebie link to it, but got bored. Go listen to it somehow. Surefire bet is to hang out on the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Lamont.

2) Do you know who Randy Gardner is? I do and I’ve been thinking about him. In 1964 he stayed awake for 11 days, that’s 264 hours for you clock-watchers, setting the Guinness W.R. in sleep deprivation. Think about how much trippier sleep dep probably was in the 60’s. Far out. To prove this point, I give you two fabulously incredible facts about Randy’s experience (which was facilitated by, get this, a shrink named Dr. DEMENT at Stanford…too much): 1) To keep him awake, Dement dragged Randy down to the pinball arcade and had him doing The Who thing , except he wasn’t deaf, dumb, and blind, he was just sleepy. 2) On day 4, Randy experienced a delusional hallucination in which he assumed the persona of a “black football player.” I am picturing Randy Gardner as your classic Age of Aquarius type white kid—greasy moppy hair, a sweet polyester shirt, tight-tight-tight ass jeans and some heeled boots. How did the black football player persona manifest? Did he swagger? Did he start speaking jive? Was it the whole “show me the money, I don’t dance, you shoplifted the pootie” routine from J. Maguire? And was pinball playing involved? Damn, but for video technology.

3) Finally, what is this dumb short story by some 23 year-old ingénue in the New Yorker’s summer fiction issue? It’s written from the point-of-view of a 12 year-old and one of the sentences about being babysat by grandma reads like this: “She’s 84, I’m 12, and Wallow’s 14, so it’s a little ambiguous as to who’s babysitting whom.” Uh. Yeah. Every 12 year-old I know talks like that too. Very unambiguous. Grr.

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