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It's not the cherries everywhere in bloom; it's not the way they put folks on the moon; it's just that's where my baby waits for me: 4.15.05

What’s that you say? White? Oh, no, clearly that’s black. What’s that? Oh, because I am a little younger and haven’t been mired in this crapbox for the last 10 years your purely subjective and yet-to-be-supported-by-logical-argument-opinion is more valid than my own which I have laid out in a 7-point memo for you to actually read and think about? Right! Naturally! Sorry to bother you….This is a brief summary of all of the conversations I have been having here at le job for the last few days.

This morning, frustration reached a fever pitch and I actually had to just walk away from this cute little set-up, you know the four walls and a computer and a desk and millions of meaningless pieces of paper and stuff…just for a minute or two. I took a quick jaunt outside.

Spring: on days like today it can kick the ass of all those other loser seasons.

And this morning, while I was stopped at an intersection on the way to work, I was deluged by a pretty pastel downpour of little cherry blossoms. It was quite the squall as they swirled around; a sweetly springly snow globe scene. And it reminded me of when I was a kid and my best friend, Elizabeth Murphy, and I would trounce the biggest cherry blossom tree in my neighborhood—hanging off the lowest branches and climbing up into it—just bouncing all over the thing until it rained down blossoms. I believe I recall working it into our many (and highly dramatic) Little House on the Prairie blizzard scenarios too. We were dorks.

But spring is the thing today. Days like today make me misty-eyed for outdoor after-school highjinks (from the youthful years) and for outdoor late-night debauched carousing (from the lesser youthful years).

But even better than bittersweet looking back, days like today make things seem superbly fantastically possible, like anything you want to happen will. The sky is a perfect pitch of blue; the breeze through your car window is made-to-order perfection; this morning I saw my first yard sale flier of the season taped to a pole and a black cat sunning itself in a parade of yellow daffodils; and it is Friday.

I just decided it is a Friday made for leaving work a few hours early. You see, I have to go get a new tire for my bike.

Priorities: still intact.

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