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After this, no more ďpoliticalĒ type posts: 3.29.05

There are certain things that probably appear perfectly normal to the people that do them, but really, those things are very weird to people who donít do them. Let me explain. Like, for German fraulines and such, it is just Business as usual to capitalize all your Nouns when You are writing a Sentence. See? Thatís weird because we donít do that. This is what we like to call culture. Another weird cultural difference is how in Sweden, kids dress up as witches on Easter and go to door to door for treats. Thatís nuts! Thatís crazy! This kind of cultural divide is even more disturbing because thatís KIND of like how we do it, but totally wrong! Like, the Swedes almost have it right, but not quite.

Last night, I was watching a documentary about Al Jazeera and I realized that the big cultural difference between our news and this Arabic news station is that they like to show how the war is injuring, maiming, killing, etc. the people on the other side of the war, you know the citizens we are saving from evil warlords. It was especially weird to watch this after thumbing through that feature the NYT ran this past weekend on wounded soldiers in Iraq. Itís nuts! Itís crazy! Al Jazeera does it KIND of like how we do it, but totally wrong!

Anyway, itís a good thing the war is ďover,Ē anyway, right? Come home safe, Debbie.

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