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SLC Funk: 12.16.04

So I am back from the westward expansion, which was utterly pleasant. In addition to Sin City, I sampled the natural delights of this place and this place, and ended up in Salt Lake City. Las Vegas was, as S put it, atrocious. I can only stomach the place for about 24-hours anyway. Aside from some serious mountain biking urges in Moab and some tense moments of “ok, why exactly am I here again?” in SLC, the trip was an absolutely idyllic break from the monotonous beltway loop my life has become in these parts. Also, when you see someone you have missed a lot and then only miss them more after you see them, you know it’s on. Plus, it is time to ponder “the move.”

Anyhoo. Do you have friends that live in different time-zones? I do, and last night as I was scrolling down the olde contacts list in my phone, I found myself doing all these ridiculous calculations—I can call E first, cos she’s right here in Eastern Standard, then I’ll call T since he’s 5 hours ahead over in Scotland, then move gradually west hitting Chicago, Kansas City, and then CA. In fact, by the time I talked to K. out in San Fran., she says, “yeah, it’s about 8 here,” and I realized I had been on the phone for about three hours solid. And in a way was right back where I had started.

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