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Oh damn, guess what I forgot?!?: 12/3/04

Itís official, thanks to my favorite early morning dj. The Waitresses always make the holidays that much more real. You know what else is real? Me! Going! To! Spain! Yessiree. And also, tonight I will be swooning over Mr. Merritt and company in perhaps the only musical event to date that offers me chills and tingles. Well, except for hearing The Waitresses this morning. That kind of sent a little zing down my spine. Come to think of it, so did getting in my car after a perfect little stroll down a sunny neighborhood street and hearing The Replacements. Just like that.

Anyway. What? This is a really swoony and annoying post, and for that, Iím sorry. Usually, I canít stand the goopiness of the good life narrations. But, thatís right! I bought a ticket to Spain! Canít touch this! Anyhow, itís better to be rich in experience and cash poor than the other way around. Thatís what I say.

Money talks, but I keep interrupting it.

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