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You look like you could use another CUPCAKE! Mr. McAllister!: 11/5/04

I have ranted and raved so much since the election, I can no longer stand to hear anymore about it. As of this weekend, whinging becomes officially pathetic. As of this weekend, I accept the personal mandate to DO something before the next election to get the vote out to our young slacker friends, to be more active in supporting the next crapass candidate who emerges to challenge the Republican regime. Just something so I’m not left feeling this gut-wrenching sense of “so close…so close…”

Anyway, plus I got a speeding ticket on election day and that really pisses me off too. I have not placed a moratorium on whining about that yet. Stupid cops.

But I have not moved beyond Black Tuesday so swiftly due to my extreme speeds. I think I have so nimbly swept past it because I have done what one should always do in times that try the soul: I totally indulged myself. Last night was Americana night at the olde homestead as I whipped up (totally from scratch, but of course) tuna casserole, Stove Top, and homemade apple pie slathered with ice cream. This wholesome meal that any good gun-toting-foetus-loving wingnut in the heartland would be hard-pressed to turn their nose up at was accompanied by the 1st season of The Office--which is absolutely fucking hilarious. Period. Ah, god love the Brits, the subtle, subtle Brits.

And, I cannot lie. The season premier of The O.C. may have been on at some point. MAY HAVE BEEN ON, I said. C'mon. What's more American than rich kids looking bored and gorgeous under a California sun?

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