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My good luck swarm: 10.26.04

I just walked outside to reduce my life by another 7 minutes and saw a handsome little ladybug trotting by me on my bench. I thought, ‘Good-o. I need some luck that ain’t bad.” And then I looked down and saw about 45 little ladies all milling around and looking red and shiny in the sun. That’s a lotta luck, I say.

In other news, my 24-hour NYC junket was pretty nice. Eating, drinking, hearing strange sleepy-talk. I went via an apartment swap my pal S. dreamed up. This is a good scheme if you live anywhere that anyone would like to visit and so do your friends. This is a bad scheme if you actually want to visit your friends who live in the place you are visiting. Because they are in your apartment and you are in theirs. See? But the best was hearing the story of S. getting back to his apartment and finding everything intact and left nice n’neat following the weekend stay of his good friend and her boyfriend. He reached into the fridge for a cold one and saw that there was a canister of whipped cream there that he hadn’t bought. “Excellent,” he thought with a refreshing naiveté, opening up the freezer for the ice cream he assumed was its accompaniment. Silly boy. I guess someone’s weekend was finger-licking good…Not to sound all unromantic and all, but I always thought the whole whipped cream gig was a little hackneyed. Am I right?

Also, speaking of visiting friends, when you say, “Yeah, I visited Mt. Saint Helens once. And I had a blast,” and only one person in the world gets it and that person lives all the way in bonnie Scotland, but for once they are sitting stateside with you, just shooting the breeze and killing a 6-er on a rainy Sunday afternoon---well, that’s a nice thing.

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