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Drugstore cowboy junkies: 9.23.04

Last night, I took a long city walk under a perfect demi-tasse moon and thought about bittersweet things like the last cut grass at the end of summer, and how I had woken up just that morning hearing the Cowboy Junkies on npr. I know, weird, right? Still haven’t figured out what was newsworthy, per say, about this story, but it was all at once a most jarring and most peaceful way to come into consciousness for another day. And given the great mix-tape resurrection that has recently come to pass in my car stereo, it was not entirely out of place. Every once in a while, I indulge the urge to wax nostalgic and go for it with gusto. Picking up with strange, decontextualized correspondence with the high school boyfriend par excellence, listening to old songs, remembering old feelings. And all that oldness—well, it’s made me feel a bit long in the tooth of late. It was good to hear the Cowboy Junkies. It kind of socked me back into the present tense this week.

Still. Didn’t I tell you never to leave a hat on the bed?

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