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You could drink whole if you wanted to: 8.18.04

I dunno, but updating this thingee has been a low priority of late. Luckily, this is not another way of saying that nothing has been going on. Oh no.

Iíve been finding myself talking too much and I wish I could just quit while Iím ahead. But you know? It is awfully refreshing to feel like talking too much again. And itís even nice to say too much now and then.

Iím just doing it in real-life and not here.

And I wish I could stop blushing when I tell a joke.

And I wish that drunken nights and no sleep didnít make my skin erupt in a facial rendition of a topographical map of Nepal.

And I wish I could take a couple of days with my favorite people all together in one favorite place and laugh it up.

And I wish I could get this dumb Silver Jews song out of my head.

(Wow! This thing totally writes itself! Who knew it was so easy?)

And I wish I took more time to take walks with peopleóbecause the last couple Iíve had have been just so utterly pleasant and low-key.

And I like it when someone remembers to ask you, ďAt dusk?Ē because you told them thatís the best time of the day ever.

Wait, that last one isnít a wish. Itís a now. That transition was so easy, itís scary.

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