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Callooh! Callay! 6.25.04

Here’s my tip to you: If you ever feel like alienating many of the nice but utterly dull people who may work in an office with you or something, just play Throbbing Gristle kind of loud all day. It may also drive you batty, but it’s still pretty fun.

I am doing this, in part, because I am so pumped to see what has happened to Psychic TV in, oh say, the last 15 years. I am just still so shocked that they are touring at all. P.S.-do not really pay attention to what that ponce says in the review.

And, tomorrow I am going to see the new Moore joint, and I am wildly curious. In all fairness, this certainly gave me pause…perhaps not a whole 7 minutes worth like W reacting to the WTC bombings, but still. Everything seems murky when you try to get a clear picture, doesn’t it. (Rhetorical question not in need of a question mark there.)

You guys. If I had any web design skills and were also craftily artistic or artistically crafty, I would try to make something like this. Nice, huh?

OK. I see this has come to nothing and I got ants in my pants to get on up out of here. Late, cuz.

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