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Things other people write make me write things of my own 4.22.04

What the hell? It seems like everyone has brought their child with them to work today. I swear, you canít tell if this is an office or a giant playpen right now. Also, a disturbing number of middle-school aged boys are roaming the halls. Is it third period yet?

So, I read this article (so nicely linked to by Anna) and it jarred me into rather bittersweet reflections on the current state of romance-universally and personally. On the universal front, I thought at first that the Post was scooping The Onion with the whole story. If only. On the personal front, the whole notion was too sour to dwell on for any substantial length of time. So I comforted myself by thinking how hip and with-it my peer group is. And yes, I count myself among them. I always use mass media trends as the yardstick by which to measure my own cool quotient. And they, again, have not failed me. Just when the Post was publishing their little article there, my friend was publishing this.

Thought you might get a chuckle or two out of it, despite its heart-wrenching pathos, obviously. Please note my peripheral involvement in the whole ugly episode.

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