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Hey, ding-a-ding-ding, sweet lovers love the spring: 3.22.04

Flbfft. I took matters in my own hands with this reluctant spring bullshit. When March 20 rolls around, as far as Im concerned spring has officially clocked in. So what that the temperatures continue to fluctuate between frigid and glorious? I welcomed the season with much aplomb this weekend, certain that by May we will have been given the chance to bask in the approximately 4 days of just-right 70 degree weather dc usually gets to enjoy before the crucible of SUMMER descends upon us. So I went to some house party that was supposedly thrown in honor of the equinox, but involved the usual 100 people packed into a backyard in order to enjoy smoking privileges while djs spun forlornly to the healthy few indoors, my consumption of half a jar of olive juice as the drinks emptied out, and a brooding, darkly handsome boy who gave good chat and met my come-hither looks all night, but ended up with his hands down the legwarmers of some dimbo. But it was fun, straight through to mid-morning on Sunday. And I was quite a Smokey Joe. Thusly, my throat is currently about as pink and swollen as the little cherry blossom I saw yesterday all ready to burst forth into bloom.

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