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garnish my wages?!? mmmnmnn, garnish....3.3.04

Not so long ago, someone said to me, "You look like you're 24." Of course, someone also told me yesterday that I look like Parker Posey. If you go through life listening to other people, you will generally find yourself very amused. Yet, the whole 24 thing made me stop and holler a wee little private "yah!" to the whole mess of things at the moment. So, ok--I am not one of two for the first time in a long time. This is harder than I would've liked to think I would think. You get me? And, thanks to old Sanford & Sons Uni. having me by the giggly hairs just becuase beyooootiful Cali seemed like the best possible locale to pursue graduhate work, now I am so very, very fucked about my finances for the near to far future. Goodbye Ireland. I wish I didn't have to say goodbye to all the stupid moolah I will have to start shelling out for nuptial-related travel. Phooey. So, you know this means I am beholden like Caulfield to this dumb-ass job for a while since it pays. And, even though a vacation would do me so right right about now, I am gonna be holding down the fort when this town empties out come August. And as far as all the tom-fuckery with my emotions that certain members of the unfair sex seem to think they can pull--this girl will pull it out and pull through and all that. (mmnmnm; taffy pull, anyone?) And, you know how I look at this shit anyway, don't you? I'm just glad to be walking at all. I'm not 24 and I'm glad I'll never be again. (You probably have no idea what I'm babbling about; I'll have to fill you in sometime.) Cheers! Here's mud in your eye! Over and out.

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