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I was seriously freaked out by the entire SOU thing last night. A bunch of old, white guys who like they’d be pricks if you worked for them dressed up in suits giving standing ovations to war, abstinence, imperialistic unilateralism, homophobia, a federal education policy so poorly implemented that several states are considering forgoing federal funding altogether, and ABOVE ALL, to a man who stood behind that same bully pulpit 6 months ago and lied to their faces. Ridiculous. Much love out to ABC’s cameraman for cutting to Teddy Kennedy shaking his head sadly at mention of the PLANS FOR WMD. Bush apparently has got balls bigger than his mouth. People are dying because of this bullshit.

I guess I’m hopping on the Kerry ferry if that’s where things are headed. For the record, an Edwards/Kerry ticket would suit me better. Didn’t you swoon at Edwards’ speech after Iowa? Kinda made me miss Bill. Dean’s banshee proclamation was frightening to behold. The doctor is out.

I am scared of 4 more years of this administration. For real, though. Do you think that, as pioneers at the USA Moon Annex, we would put up with this shit?

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