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The Isolator

*Wounded at exploration (18 mo-3 yrs)

*Caretaker was overly protective and watchful

*The Distancing Child: fears being absorbed by caretaker; defense is to stay away physically, or else cut off emotionally. Resisting restrictions yet needing the parent, s/he becomes passive-aggressive.

*The Isolator Adult will hook up with Pursuers. Physically and emotionally aloof, s/he needs space. Has buried need for closeness but fear smothering; afraid to be direct, s/he makes promises s/he won’t keep, and withdraws when partner needs him/her.

Growth Challenge:

initiate closeness

share feelings

increase time together

integrate positive and negative traits in partner

You are the sorriest excuse for a man-boy that has ever slunk around this stank town. You are the most cowardly lyin’ stupidest-ass mistake of a person I have ever had the misfortune to encounter, much less spend nearly four years trying to finish a conversation with. I hope you fucking rot. I’d spit on you if I saw you, but I never want to see you again and it is so cold outside right now that the glob of saliva that would require too much effort to produce on your behalf would probably freeze into a tiny, hard ice bullet and hit you so hard in your stupid, mean, ugly, phony, pathetic little eyeball it whizzes right on through the socket and embeds itself in your horrible simpleminded little brain and lodges there forever, reducing you to a quivering, slobbering, seizuring, stark-raving retarded, jellied mess who will live out the rest of your tube-fed, enema-ravished existence in ugly, painful oblivion. You know who you are.

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