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I had some fun yesterday and it made me wonder what the hell Iíve been trying to pull around here. Standing out in the cold, smoking Nat Shermanís and savoring some decent drink for once, bleating out les travesties petite and being told, ďBut you know thatís not true.Ē I trusted the source and that made the difference. And then I went to see this and laughed more than once without that snort of derision that amends something not truly hilarious.

Iíve got to get off the stick. Finish the story, see if I can get a reading, remember to think about that morning, opening my eyes and reaching out for a stretch, smelling oranges and the dirt on my cheek, looking up at the sky and attending to some little schedule that would take me to noon and the beach.

Now, I donít know this person, but her writing invigorates. And she did just make a reference to my own little bible of sorts, the place Iíd cast back to and drag for some kind of simpleminded solace if I were where she sounds like she is now. I wish her a swift return to apples níonions comfort, the little china shepherdess still without a crack or chip.

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