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Direct Hit

Yah! I entered the bull’s eye today and strongly advise against it. Actually, that logo is not a representation of a target, it is an abbreviated map of hell, showing you the 3 most annoyingly damnable circles of the place. I walked straight into the belly of the beast and was alternately surrounded by either unbaptized infants, the very greedy, or the very sullen. I pushed through the throngs searching for but one object. All I wanted was an iron, folks. Just your very basic small appliance completely unrelated to holiday cheer. Unless your friends and family are the type to be impressed with a quick n'easy gift that stands the test of time. Oh fine, burn scars fade, but very slowly. Iron in hand, I should have ascended to the appropriate parking level post haste. But while I was there, I just had to walk up and down every single godforsaken aisle in the place and gaze at many, many things I can see myself living without. Strangely, I now own several of them—socks with little cat faces all over them and (awww, it looks like the puss) little stuffed cat faces hanging off the backs of them, glitter socks, a mesh shirt. I swear they jumped off hooks and hangers right into my hands. You should have seen me trying to fight off those cat socks. Ouch. I’ll be home ironing my new mesh shirt tonight.

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