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I was sitting outside trying to simultaneously cram as much sunlight as I could under my squinting eyelids and as much coffee as I could down my gaping gullet. I sucked intermittently on my nic-stick. Someone sat down next to me, and said, “If you had one wish, what would it be?” I turned slowly, thinking ‘This could be it! The big break! A release from this world of drudgery that I was never meant for,” and was not surprised to see a somewhat disheveled, dirty individual staring at me and patiently waiting for my answer. That’s ok. I know what is called for in such situations. You never know when you might come face to face with a powerful sorceress, or Jesus, or Ed McMahon in the guise of just some annoying, disheveled, dirty person who wants to make your acquaintance. Rule #1: don’t be rude. I responded, “Man, I don’t know. How the hell should I know?” See, the sunlight and coffee infusion hadn’t fully kicked in yet and so my ability to follow the Brothers Grimm handbook was somewhat impaired. “Shit,” I said. “What about you?” “No,” the stranger persisted, “I’m asking you.” True that. I was ready to snarl and snap and start waving my arms and screaming, “Leave me the fuck alone! Why do people have to incessantly poke and prod and interface with me in this dumb town when I just want to sit here and soak up cancer in all it’s varied forms?” Instead, I smiled sweetly and remembered my early fairy tale training at last. “Why, I’d wish for as many wishes as I wanted to be granted.” And the annoying, disheveled, dirty individual sat back and kind of snuffed to himself and said, “Well then.” We sat together in the sun.

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